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LATEST:  Alex, our Children and Youth Minister, has produced some fun stuff for our younger members of St Mark's but they are for everyone!


Click here for November 22nd fun!

Click here for November 15th fun!





To celebrate 'Halloween', we celebrated that Jesus is the Light of the World. Over a dozen homes around the Parish were decorated with a light display and a trail map was given to different family groups to go around and visit them. A big thank you to Alex, our Children and Youth Minister, for her wonderfully creative idea and for organising the event.

Here are some photos:

IMG 5325


IMG 1740

IMG 5329

IMG 5322

IMG 5333

IMG 20201025 175833 (1)
IMG 0221



A wonderful harvest festival - flowers and service - all the food is going to St.Andrews Church Foodbank in Kinson

Thank you for your generous contributions.

      IMG 20200927 120126      IMG 20200927 120032     IMG 20200927 120102 (1)

IMG 20200927 120340    IMG 20200927 120350

Toddlers Restarted - with a difference


St Mark's Toddlers has restarted and has temporarily changed how it operates due to the present restrictions. 'Families' book in and then have fun doing outdoor activities in groups of 6 (under a gazebo if wet). This has included a scavenger hunt and outdoor games. Also the Toddler toys are used with the mandatory cleaning put in place.

Here are some photos (with parents permission)
IMG 5114IMG 5124
IMG 5139IMG 5127


celebrating, at St.Mark's Church, with members of our own church family 


PHOTO-2020-09-19-18-28-53 (1)     PHOTO-2020-09-19-18-29-01      PHOTO-2020-09-19-18-28-17    

PHOTO-2020-09-19-18-27-42 (1)     PHOTO-2020-09-19-18-30-23 (1)    PHOTO-2020-09-19-18-29-35 (3)

PHOTO-2020-09-19-18-26-55 (1)



There continue to be many restrictions in place due to the virus really limiting what we can and cannot do in the Youth, Children and Families Ministry - things change at the drop of a hat making it difficult to plan, presenting many challenges but also great opportunities which need to be celebrated. In particular we have had to continue to be creative with how we connect with our families and young people. 

As lockdown measures eased over the summer we have been delighted to welcome back to church some of our young families and even had a picnic with them after the service on the main church lawn. 

Due to Government restrictions we are only allowed 30 at each picnic gathering (whilst also sticking to family/ school bubble groups and maintaining social distancing) so we have organised 3 picnics and the first was held on Sunday 30th August with the sun shining, a family kite making competition, fish and butterfly wands to make and chalk drawing fun. 

Here are some photos: 

                           IMG 4960     
  IMG 4952       IMG 4970

                    IMG 4974    IMG 4971  

                                    IMG 4949 (1)    IMG 4954                                                  

IMG 4984    IMG 4948 

 IMG 4963     IMG 4959

IMG 4962    IMG 4953 

IMG 4965        af8675f6-c525-4006-b430-91b813

IMG 4957 (1)      IMG 4968

Our next round of families will meet for a picnic on Sunday 20th September and then again on Sunday 27th September - weather permitting and based on the current Government guidance at the time of gathering. 

We are blessed to have some really beautiful young families as part of our church family - please be praying for them.  


          Over August the children were set a challenge to do a series of activities each week including: Joining in with the New Wine festival, which this year was online, buying a bag of jelly beans and using each colour to pray for something different, reading a new story from the Bible, taking a photo outside of church, finding the Vicarage and taking a photo there, taking food to the local foodbank, choosing a Bible verse and putting actions to it. 

Here are some photos from those who got involved - they did BRILLIANTLY, well done: 

                      Joining in with New Wine Kids Club Online           Praying

 IMG 2450     IMG 2452 (1)

Learning to pray with the different colours of Jelly Baby sweets

IMG 2562 (1)

                           Photo taken outside Church            Photo taken outside the Vicarage                                

IMG 2467     6d8df585-f0a6-442e-a15e-8670aa

Discovering a new Bible Story & taking some goodies to the local foodbank drop off point 

IMG 2585       IMG 2649

Can you find the cheeky puppets? 

IMG 2336

Outside the church and at the Vicarage 

IMG 2322     IMG 2326

All children involved were suitably rewarded for their fantastic efforts! 

For fab photos of the Youth Weekend Away Click Here


Photos from our Summer Fete June 22nd 2019

fete 2b

fete 3b

fete 4b

fete 5b