Pastoral care is the responsibility of all Christians. Every member of St Mark’s and St Saviour's should have a sense of responsibility for each other, however, at times people face situations in their lives that need particular care and support. At St Mark’s and St Saviour's this is usually given by the clergy or our Lay Pastoral Assistants.

A Lay Pastoral Assistant is a person who engages in pastoral ministry on behalf of our church.

The ministry of an LPA varies according to each individual, the gifts and skills he/she has, and the local situation. In all cases the ministry calls for the loving and compassionate heart of Jesus, and a willingness to listen and support those in need.

        Our LPAs may be involved in:

  • visiting the housebound, elderly and sick at home or in hospital
  • supporting the bereaved
  • visiting baptism families

If you would like a visit from one of our clergy or LPAs please contact us.

If you would like to consider becoming an LPA for St Marks Church or St Saviours Church then please speak to one of our clergy.